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5 Reasons Why Yacon Syrup is Suddenly So Popular

yacon syrup popular 2014

Yacon syrup is the hottest new dieting trend of 2014.

But what makes yacon syrup so popular? Why is yacon root suddenly in high demand around the world?

Today, we’re going to answer those questions and tell you 5 reasons why yacon syrup is suddenly so popular.

5) Featured on the Dr. Oz show

Late in 2013, Dr. Oz performed a study on yacon syrup and its benefits. He asked 60 women to eat a teaspoon of yacon syrup with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The result? 73% of the women lost weight despite implementing no other changes in diet or exercise.

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These phenomenal results let to a surge in demand for yacon syrup. Many of the women involved in the study lost five pounds or more, and 73% of women in total lost weight. When combined with a healthy diet and good exercise routine, it’s easy to see why yacon syrup can lead to double digit weight loss.

Yes, yacon syrup has plenty of popular benefits, but it wouldn’t be as popular as it is today without the recent Dr. Oz episode.

4) It has real scientific evidence

If you’re a stupid dieter, then you buy any diet pill that promises to help you lose weight. If you’re a smart dieter, then you look for scientific proof.

That’s why smart dieters are choosing yacon syrup: it has genuine scientific evidence supporting its success. A 2008 study proved that “yacon syrup is a good source of fructooligosaccharides and its long-term consumption produces beneficial health effects…” (Source).

3) You can actually lose weight without changing diet or exercise habits

Lots of scam diet pills claim to help you lose weight without changing diet or exercise habits. Yacon syrup, however, has actually been scientifically proven to help you lose weight without changing your diet or exercise habits.

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In one study, women lost an average of 2.9 pounds over a 28 day period with no diet or exercise changes. Of course, you’re going to have much better results if you have a healthy diet or exercise routine, but it’s good to have options!

2) It’s organic and natural

organic yacon

Yacon syrup isn’t some artificial diet pill. It wasn’t made by scientists in some laboratory.

Instead, yacon syrup is organic and natural. Yacon root has been growing naturally in the Andes Mountains of South America for thousands of years. It was used by the Inca hundreds of years ago.

Yacon syrup is extracted directly from yacon root. That’s why yacon syrup is one of the most organic and natural diet supplements on the market today.

1) Women in one study lost 33 pounds and 4 inches of waist circumferenceyacon syrup weight loss

Very few diet products have scientific studies supporting their claims. Yacon syrup has multiple studies, all of which confirm some surprising results.

Consider the results of a 2009 study published in Clinical Nutrition:

-55 women took 3 to 4 teaspoons of yacon syrup over the course of a day; a control group of women did not take any yacon

-The women slightly reduced their caloric intake and were told to walk for 45 minutes twice a week

-The study took place over 120 days

-Women who did not take yacon syrup “did not experience significant changes”

Women who did take yacon syrup lost an average of 33 pounds and 4 inches of waist circumference

-Women also experienced healthier insulin levels and a large drop in bad cholesterol

Not too shabby! Keep in mind that this is a verified scientific study published in a peer-reviewed journal. It’s 100% legitimate and its results were replicated in the Dr. Oz study of 2013.

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A few months ago, yacon syrup was the best dieting phenomenon nobody knew about. Dr. Oz just provided the spark. Look for yacon syrup to continue making dieting headlines throughout 2014!

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Yes, the Chocolate Diet is a Real Thing: Here’s How it Works

Most people in this world enjoy chocolate. That’s why I think a lot of you will enjoy the news I have for you today:

The chocolate diet is a real thing that actually exists.chocolate diet

There’s a new book out called Eat Chocolate Lose Weight. In that book, the author – Will Clower, PhD – argues that chocolate has a number of beneficial effects on dieters.

Clower recently did an interview with CBS News in Pittsburgh. In that interview, he argued that eating chocolate can help dieters control food cravings:

“What we see in all these people is that the amount that they’re hungry for at the plate will drop by a half to a third.”

Clower also claims that dieters eat less food between meals when they consume a moderate amount of chocolate.

He’s not just making up research here: Clower references studies performed on thousands of people. These studies are backed by real scientific research and were published in peer-reviewed journals.

Benefits of chocolate when dieting

eat chocolate lose weight 1Control food cravings: Eating chocolates 20 minutes before meals helps you eat less during lunch and dinner. Eating chocolate 5 minutes after lunch and dinner will reduce snacking.

Stabilize blood sugar: Just like yacon, chocolate can stabilize the sugar in your bloodstream. That means your blood sugar levels remain normal for most of the day. Normal blood sugar levels mean a better mood, but they also prevent your body from feeling hungry.

Activate brain pleasure centers: The pleasure centers in your brain light up “like a Christmas tree” when eating chocolate. Eating chocolate makes almost all the pleasure centers in your brain feel good.

Lose up to 20 pounds in 8 weeks: The message on the front of the Eat Chocolate Lose Weight book claims that you can lose up to 20 pounds in 8 weeks. That may be true, but don’t expect to lose that weight without a good diet or exercise routine. However, if you can successfully control food cravings, then there’s no reason why that weight loss couldn’t occur.

How much chocolate should you eat?

The chocolate diet works best when you eat a portion “no larger than the end joint of your thumb.”Woman eating chocolate

You should also savor the chocolate in your mouth for a long period of time before swallowing.

The hardest part of the chocolate diet is controlling your daily chocolate intake. Since you probably loaded up on chocolate to start the diet, more chocolate can always be found in your fridge.

Be smart and control chocolate cravings and the chocolate diet should reward you with weight loss!

The power of cocoa

All of these benefits come from cocoa, which is the main ingredient in most chocolates. Dark chocolate has high levels of cocoa, and Clower recommends buying chocolate bars with at least 70% cocoa content whenever possible.

Before you go out and buy every Mars bar in the grocery store, remember that the benefits listed above work primarily with dark chocolate. They also work best when you consume a small amount of chocolate each day.

However, there’s certainly some truth to the chocolate diet. Chocolate should be consumed about 20 minutes before lunch and dinner as well as five minutes after each meal in order to maximize the benefits listed above.

5 Reasons to End Your Stupid Fad Diet Today

The word “fad diet” comes with some negative connotations.

When people think of fad diets, they think of fat people and broken weight loss goals.

That’s why no marketing company calls its product a “fad diet product.” Instead, it’s up to you, the dieter, to determine which product is a fad diet product and which one is the real deal.

Are you on a fad diet? Today, I’m going to give you 5 really good reasons to stop your stupid fad diet!

5) Stop falsely inflating your hopes

One common trend about fad diets is that they promise impossible results.

Fad diet

You’re never going to be able to take a diet pill, eat pizza, and sit on the couch all day to lose weight. It’s not going to happen. If you see a fad diet that promises you something like that

Of course, there’s a difference between “losing weight without changing your diet and exercise routine” and “losing weight without diet or exercise.” We explain that important difference here.

4) Fad diets are stupidly expensive

fad diets

Fad diets rise and fall every month. Fad diets tend to have two common trends:

-They don’t work

-They help someone make a lot of money

While you try to get skinny, you’re making someone else richer. Fad diets are often designed to benefit one individual, company, or industry. And guess what: these individuals, companies, and industries are really good at promoting themselves.

Paying a little more money for healthy food is good. Paying a lot of money for subpar dieting advice is bad.

3) Fad diets don’t increase your metabolism

I’m going to let you in on a secret: losing weight is about increasing your metabolism.

Increasing your metabolism means your body can digest food more easily. It also means you feel more energetic.

There are three easy ways to increase your metabolism:

-Eat rightfad diets metabolism

-Exercise more

-Consider taking a dietary supplement designed to increase metabolism, like yacon molasses diet pills

The first two items on that list are the best ways to increase metabolism. The third option is a great way to boost your metabolism into overdrive and achieve your weight loss goals more quickly.

Boosting your metabolism helps you lose weight one week from now and one year from now. It improves your long-term health and helps you keep weight off.

Unless you’re losing weight for one day at the beach and then want to get fat again, you’ll want to end your fad diet sooner rather than later.

2) You’re probably getting bored and angry

Most fad diets require you to strictly monitor your meals. Eating is no longer a joyous occasion: it’s a painstaking ritual involving numbers, calculators, and feeling bad about yourself.

bad dietsFad diets turn something simple – losing weight – into something complicated and frustrating.

If you find yourself getting bored and angry with your diet, then it may be a fad diet: don’t torture your body and your mind to achieve your weight loss goals.

1) You could be doing long-term damage to your body

This is in the number one spot for a reason: fad diets won’t just stomp on your promises and weight loss dreams; they’ll also impact your long-term health.

The worst fad diets are the ones which restrict your caloric intake to under 1,500 calories per day. I’ll tell you what: if you’re eating just 1,500 calories per day, you can eat just about any food you want because you’re going to lose weight regardless of what happens.

Starving yourself is guaranteed to lead to weight loss. Unfortunately, this is the worst kind of weight loss: as soon as you start eating normally again, you’re going to gain all of that weight back.

In the meantime, you’ve done serious damage to your body: your organs need energy, nutrients, and vitamins to stay healthy. Your body will repair some of this damage after a fad starvation diet, but not all of it.

Our Take:

Stop torturing your body, mind, and wallet with fad diets and start buying health food products that offer real scientific results.

Does Yacon Syrup Actually Work?

We receive a lot of feedback here at YaconSyrupTruth.com. Some of that feedback is nice, while other feedback is, well, not so nice.

But one of the most frequently asked questions we get is whether or not yacon syrup actually works.

When people question yacon syrup, it makes us defensive. We’re big fans of it and we like to defend it when challenged. Today, we’re going to explain why and how yacon syrup works.

does yacon syrup actually work

Yes, it does work!

First, let’s start off by explaining what yacon syrup does and how it works. Yacon syrup has been linked with a number of valuable weight loss benefits, including:

-Weight loss

-Lower blood pressure

-Healthy blood sugar

-Healthier digestive functions

-And more!

You’re probably here because you’ve heard about the weight loss benefits of yacon syrup. The short answer to, “Does yacon actually help you lose weight?” is “Yes, it does!” Next, we’re going to tell you why.

Why yacon syrup works

Yacon syrup is packed with natural ingredients and powerful compounds that have been linked with all sorts of health benefits.

Here are the active ingredients in yacon that make it a special food:

-Fructooligosaccharides (FOS): FOS are unique types of sugars that cannot be digested by the stomach. They travel straight to the digestive system and promote the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. That might sound gross, but it’s actually an important part of your body’s health. These bacteria help your body extract more nutrients from food while also reducing digestion time.digestive bacteria

-Inulin: Inulin is a valuable compound that helps to regulate blood sugar levels. It works in a similar way to FOS and is not absorbed by your stomach during passage. Both Inulin and FOS are known as prebiotics.

-Antioxidants: Antioxidants are powerful compounds that reduce the effects of aging. Yacon contains high levels of antioxidants, making it an effective health tool for so many different reasons.

Thanks to the three key ingredients listed above, yacon syrup has been linked to diverse benefits like weight loss, reduced waist circumference, lower blood pressure, regular blood sugar, and antidiabetic properties.

Powerful? Definitely. Effective? You bet!

It works because of science

We’re not saying you have to believe us. In fact, I’m just a person on the internet.

Instead of believing every word I say, check out some of the scientific studies that have been performed on yacon syrup. Only a limited number of studies have ever been performed. However, the studies that have been performed are very positive in support of yacon syrup.

We’re not talking about some kids practicing science in their backyard here: we’re talking about real, genuine, scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals.

Anyways, you can read a list of yacon-related studies here: http://www.yaconsyruptruth.com/scientific-studies-yacon-plant-yacon-syrup/

science yacon syrup

Reasons why it may not always work

I’m going to take off my rose-tinted glasses for a minute. Yacon syrup will not cure diseases and it won’t build muscle. It’s not going to let you lose 10 pounds in a week or do your laundry for you.yacon syrup for weight loss

Yacon syrup is effective, but it’s not some superpowered food that will immediately change your lifestyle habits. Here are some important reasons why yacon syrup might not always work the way you want it to work:

-It can be expensive in health food stores

-Hard to find, especially after recent exposure on TV

-There are lots of low-quality yacon manufacturers and retailers on the internet

That’s why I recommend buying a purified and extracted form of yacon syrup – like Pure Yacon Syrup Plus. Pure Yacon Syrup Plus isn’t actually a syrup: it’s a pill.

That pill contains a purified yacon formula specially designed for weight loss.  The unique weight loss properties have been extracted and encapsulated. It’s ridiculously easy to take: just swallow a pill with water before every meal.

Anyways, that retailer is currently offering a promotion where you get a free bottle with every order.

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The Truth You Don’t Want to Hear About Fad Diets

Fad diets have been extremely popular over the last few decades.

Every year, it seems like “doctors” are supporting a new diet trend or fad. But here’s the thing about fad diets: there aren’t many fads that last longer than a year

What is a fad diet?

Fat diet is a term with negative connotations. It refers to a diet which offers short-term results but not necessarily long-term gains.

fad diets

That’s great if you’re trying to fit into a bikini for a one week vacation, but not good if you want to achieve long-term health goals.

At YaconSyrupTruth.com, we assume our visitors want long-term results AND short-term gains. You want to look good tomorrow, but you also want to look good a few months from now. That’s why we steer you away from fad diets.

Examples of fad diets

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen lots of fad diets rise and fall (and mostly fall!). Here are a few examples of fad diets you may have heard about in the last few years:

Fasting Diets: Fasting Diets basically involve not eating anything, or eating only liquids. It’s a classic example of a fad diet because you lose weight short-term (guaranteed!) but gain it all back when you start eating again.

HCG Diet: The HCG Diet is one of the most bizarre fad diets of the last few years. HCG stands for Human Choriogonadotropin, which is a hormone created by the woman’s body when pregnant. It tells the woman’s body to burn fat to protect the baby. The HCG diet requires you to inject yourself with artificial hormones to trick your body into thinking it’s pregnant. Oh, and you have to restrict your diet to about 500 to 1000 calories per day. Sounds crazy? You bet it is. It’s effective but mainly because you’re eating 500 calories per day!

Sleeping Beauty Diet: Believe it or not, there are people out there who believe that sleeping a lot will help you lose weight. It’s – no joke! – called the Sleeping Beauty Diet. It even has its own celebrity supporter – Elvis Presley – who claimed to sleep a lot using sleeping pills in order to lose weight.

sleeping beauty diet

The Air Diet: The Air Diet is my favorite fad diet because it’s the funniest one to picture in action. The Air Diet involves pretending to eat but never actually eating. So you pick up food with your fork, bring it towards your mouth, and then put it down. Dumb dumb dumb!

Tapeworm Diet: The Tapeworm Diet might be the world’s oldest fad diet. It dates back as far as the early 1900s but lazy dieters still try it today. The tapeworm diet is probably the most disgusting fad diet here because it involves sticking a live tapeworm in your body and relying on that tapeworm to digest the food you eat. That tapeworm can grow to be up to 35 feet in length.

Top 5 Signs of a Fad Diet

5) You’re only supposed to eat one type of food (like “eat only bananas”)

4) You’re supposed to completely cut out one type of food (like “no carbs” or “no fats)

3) You can supposedly lose more than 1 pound per day (which is unsustainable and unhealthy)

2) Your doctor laughs when you ask if it’s right for you

1) There have been no peer-reviewed scientific studies on the fad diet

Before starting a new diet, make sure you go through this checklist and thoroughly research your plan.

fad dieting

Can a fad diet become a real diet?

Of course! A number of popular fad diets have become real diets over the last few decades.

You probably don’t think of them as fad diets, however, because once they enter mainstream discussions, they no longer become fad diets.

Fad diets will only become real diets when:

-They include healthy foods like green vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, etc.

-They lead to both short-term and long-term results

-Their results are studied and confirmed by real dieticians and medical professionals

Is Yacon Syrup a fad diet?

The yacon diet is currently trending upwards in terms of popularity, which technically makes it a “fad”.

However, calling yacon a fad diet would be rude! Human beings have been eating yacon for literally thousands of years. It’s proven successful for people with all different types of diet goals.

The yacon diet has also been studied in a number of peer-reviewed publications. Its results have been confirmed time and again. At first glance, you might think the yacon diet is a fad diet because it has become suddenly popular in a short period of time, but it doesn’t take long to realize that this diet is the real deal.